Why are Axles Bent/Curved?

by | Sep 28, 2020

What is Axle Camber?

Are Axles Supposed to Bend?

In short, yes. The “bend” in an axle is called the Camber. (This is not to be confused with V-Bend; the small downward bend in the axle’s center. Usually, done for cargo clearance, in applications like boats. The Camber ensures that the axle sits flat when under load. When the trailer is under load, the axle’s weight pushes down, making the axles straighter, and the tires sit flat; this helps increase the tire’s contact surface, even weight distribution, tire wear, and alignment. Without the Camber, the axle might sag when under load, increasing additional wear on the inner tread. This extra wear can be extremely dangerous while on the road.


Image Above: Diagram of the ground surface contact on a cambered axle with and without load.

However, regardless of the camber of an axle, uneven loading can be a risk. Uneven loading on a trailer will always cause additional wear. Ensure that your trailer is loaded evenly before each trip.


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