The Benefits of Spring Axles

by | Aug 18, 2020


Torsion axles have taken the industry by storm, but spring axles still have many faithful users. With all the benefits of torsion axles, this seems illogical, but there are a few key features that lead many buyers to choose traditional spring axles.


Less Expensive

Due to the ease of production, shipping, and installation, spring axles tend to be a more cost-effective axle option. The simple design can be maintained easily, and parts are readily available, meaning that they are likely to cost less over time. 


Easy to Install

Spring axles are often the more popular option for people who want the ease of installation. Spring axles can be shipped with the springs and components already attached to the axle, meaning that it just needs to be bolted onto the mounting points. 


Easy to Maintain

The primary reason people tend to choose spring axles over torsion axles is the ease of maintenance. If a spring axle breaks, unlike a torsion axle, parts can be replaced. Furthermore, spring axles can be removed and replaced without the need for welding. 


Even load-bearing and tire wear

Because of the mounting style, spring axles generally have a built-in equalizer. With an equalizer, the tire wear and load-bearing are even. This is especially important in multi-axle trailer applications, as it helps spread the load evenly, for optimal tire wear and stability.


Best Spring Applications

There are many applications in which a spring axle excels. These include:

  • Utility Trailers
  • Dump Trailers
  • Multi-Axle Applications
  • Most commercially available trailers (campers, cargo trailers, etc…)
  • Cold Weather Environments
  • When parked on uneven surfaces for extended time


Ready for a Spring Axle?

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