Axle Flip: Why NOT to do it

by | Sep 25, 2020

What is Axle Flipping?

DISCLAIMER: Duratek does NOT recommend flipping trailer axles, it is very dangerous.


Can Axles be Flipped?

It is not recommended, but it can be done. “Flipping” is a term used to refer to taking the spring, usually mounted below the axle, and mounting it on top of the axle. Axles with springs mounted below the axle are referred to as underslung, and axles with the springs above are overslung.

The difference between overslung and underslung (other than the spring position) is the location of the spring seat, as well as the orientation of the U-Bolt and other hardware.

The new spring seat has to be welded on, so it can be challenging to flip your springs’ position at home. It requires an extensive process; the trailer has to be lifted off of the axles so the spring can be on top. It also requires the use of special hardware.

Flipping a previously underslung axle can pose risks. The axle will no longer have its original camber, causing uneven weight distribution, sag, and uneven tire wear. In the end, it is much easier and safer to buy an overslung axle.


Image Above: Diagram of Underslung and Overslung spring axles, from side profile

Why Flip Trailer Axles?

The main reason that spring axles are flipped is to create additional ground clearance. Most trailers come with the springs mounted under the axles and lower to the ground. Axles are generally underslung from the factory, offering a lower center of gravity, more stability, and better aerodynamics. Flipping the springs to Overslung adds space between the trailer’s undercarriage to the ground, useful for clearing rough, bumpy terrain, or just clearing curbs in tight parking lots.

However, flipping an axle has risks that negatively affect your trailer’s performance. This is why Duratek recommends buying a NEW manufacturer made axle that comes with overslung springs from the manufacturer.


Our Advice

We do NOT advise flipping your axle spring position. Buying manufacturer made axles is a safer, easier, more reliable option. Duratek offers the option to order axles from the factory with either overslung or underslung springs, to fit all your hauling needs. Order them here.