What is NATM compliance?

by | Aug 18, 2020

NATM Compliance

The compliance verification program (CVP) is a program offered by the NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) to NATM members. 


What does the program do?

This program ensures that trailer manufacturers within the association are up to date on guidelines, best practices, and safety protocol.


This process includes a consultation twice a year. This review includes going through a checklist to ensure trailer manufacturers are up to government regulations and best practices within the industry. The NATM uses a reputable third-party firm to conduct the consultation. 


Producing Safer Products

This certification ensures manufacturers are producing safe, reliable trailers and trailer parts. NATM gives access to a library of resources offering recommendations and guidelines, which makes it much easier for manufacturers to follow and comply with the regulations. Innovations are constantly being made with the help of the NATM to make roadways and trailers safer across the United States. 



When you’re changing axles or purchasing a new trailer,

verify your axles are from a NATM Certified Axle manufacturer!

Duratek is NATM Certified

Duratek is a NATM Member and is certified by NATM through the compliance verification program. Every manufacturer verified by NATM will have a small sticker stating its certified and in compliance with the NATM guidelines. All Duratek axles come with a NATM sticker to place on the frame of your trailer. The team at Duratek is fully committed to building safe, reliable and trustworthy axles, because we know that safer axles mean safer trailers, and safer trailers mean safer roadways across America. 

For more information on the CVP program, visit NATM.com